Fantasy theme gave a significant push for hobbys in one way or another connected with fencing and armor developing. Of course we can not ingnore this direction. In general, if you want to collect the most realistic fantasy armor - we are at your service! Especially since our armor has a nice design and you can create the necessary image with it.

Part of our armor elements are also suitable for HEMA. But in the future we plan to develop mittens, elbows, knees, etc specially for this direction. Part of our armor elements are also suitable for HEMA. But in the future we plan to develop specially for this discipline mittens, elbows, knees, etc. This direction of fencing is based on medieval fencing books (training books) and special very flexible and light swords are used here.

In fighting stylization, we first of all provide protection and convenience. When developing such armor, we combine the existing elements and parts of the medieval armor existing separately, but in close regions and time frames.

In historical reconstruction, we try to maximally repeat the geometry of the example artifact. The difficulty is that often both the example and the artifact are located far from us. Therefore, such work requires considerable skill.

Helmet crash test. Falchion, mace, poleaxe, halberd against bascinet!

When the gunpowder appeared and bullets started to break the armor the masters of those times started to make the armor thicker. To check the cuirass they would make a test – they shot it, if the steel didn’t break the armor it was considered good. The spot of the bullet wasn’t fixed, it was used as the proof of the armor’s quality. This video shows the test with the weapons used in buhurt. Falchion, mace, grand falchion, poleaxe, halberd. Weapons as in the Medieval times – real, tempered, but blunt.

As we were testing it, we damaged a weapon a bit. The pole of the halberd broke, poleaxe cracked, the top part of the grand falchion broke.

People not familiar with buhurt think that this kind of hits will break the neck instantly. The helmet is made in a way that if you raise your shoulders, it will rest on your body. This way you can face poleaxes without any harm to the health.