Fantasy theme gave a significant push for hobbys in one way or another connected with fencing and armor developing. Of course we can not ingnore this direction. In general, if you want to collect the most realistic fantasy armor - we are at your service! Especially since our armor has a nice design and you can create the necessary image with it.

Part of our armor elements are also suitable for HEMA. But in the future we plan to develop mittens, elbows, knees, etc specially for this direction. Part of our armor elements are also suitable for HEMA. But in the future we plan to develop specially for this discipline mittens, elbows, knees, etc. This direction of fencing is based on medieval fencing books (training books) and special very flexible and light swords are used here.

In fighting stylization, we first of all provide protection and convenience. When developing such armor, we combine the existing elements and parts of the medieval armor existing separately, but in close regions and time frames.

In historical reconstruction, we try to maximally repeat the geometry of the example artifact. The difficulty is that often both the example and the artifact are located far from us. Therefore, such work requires considerable skill.

General concept of Fantasy for buhurt

Not every fantasy armor can be optimized for steel fights. For example, the knights of Gondor from LotR don’t need a lot of optimization, but the half-naked orcs from Warcraft would need so much change, that they will become unrecognizable (although you can be a bit creative and make a muscle torso and arm armor with anatomical bicep).

There are designs that have too many details that are purely decorative without any function. Thus, when I’m talking about fantasy armor for buhurt I mean only the designs that don’t need to be changed much.


 An example of what can not be optimized

Besides, it does not mean we should refuse the historical examples. No. I’m for the freedom of choice. If someones hear calls for french knight cosplay, it’s marvelous. When someone wants to do dwarfs or Uruk-hai this is cool as well. As long it is safe and beautiful.

Fantasy armor for buhurt is not necessarily an expensive armor with a bunch of decorations or show-offs. It’s just that this armor is made without emphasis on historicism, but with the goal of creating a recognizable image. By the way, half of the buhurt sets that are used now can be called “Fantasy” since they are far from history.

Fantasy armor for buhurt – does not mean shit from pipes and grills on the face.

The athlete’s build affects what image suits you the most. If you are 170 cm and 100 kg – do not cosplay the elf.

Why all this?

Pursuing historicity, a limitation is created on the variety and functionality of the armor for the buhurt. Options for combinations of defensive weapons are reduced. In some cases, there is an imbalance in the quality and convenience of certain styles of armor. For example, Eastern armor. A lot of rags or chain mail and plate gauntlets – this is not historical for such sets.

Therefore, considering the fact that the reconstruction and sports buhurt at maximum speeds are incompatible, new opportunities are opening up. I am for making it easier for athletes to find sponsors.



New Zealand. They shot the legendary Lord of the Rings there. There are many fans of this trilogy. What kind of armor would they like to fight in? In Uruk-hai or Western European armor?

South Korea – the maximum number of people keen on computer games. Dota, Lineage, Warcraft … What kind of armor would they like to fight in?

Ukraine. In which team is the mayor of the city or the head of a town is more likely to invest money? In some knights or heroes of Kievan Rus? Let it be buhurt-optimized, but with elements of armor found in this territory and in this style. For what it is easier to find a sponsor?

Japan. Wearing samurai armor is either not practical (the laces are torn), or very expensive, or unsafe. But if you fix them for the buhurt, you can preserve the national identity, and make it cheaper and safer.

Also, among the buhurt community, there are entirely different people. Some are ready to spend one day a week on this hobby, others three or four a week, and some small part is ready to devote all the time to this. One of the options to do this and somehow earn extra money is YouTube, Instagram. How can one earn a following there? Using something that is familiar to the majority and what is in trend. Game of Thrones comes out – it is worth to hurry and make armor of the Lannisters. Warcraft came out – it is advisable to fight in the armor of an infantryman. Hobbit comes out? Five guys in the armor of the dwarfs will attract viewers, and maybe sponsors or advertisers. Of course, if you competently promote yourself and don’t do anything foolish. The more such YouTubers – the more new spectators and those who want to join this sport.

It would seem that there are only pluses from all sides. But for some reason, there is no such league yet. For now…

One of my goals is to create comfortable and beautiful armor for the most severe steel weapon buhurts.